Thursday, December 1, 2011

Clip of the Week

This week's Clip was simply a no-brainer. The last couple of weeks, I've teased some great plays by wide receivers, but I haven't yet given Clip of the Week honors to any of them. That's clearly because I was waiting for this catch, from Marshall's Aaron Dobson. In a word (or two), holy crap.

The more you watch it (especially the slo-mo replays), the more impressive it gets. Until this play, I thought Randy Moss would forever hold the title of best one-handed catch ever. Nope. How appropriate that Moss would be displaced by a kid from his own alma mater. Let's hope for Aaron Dobson's sake that he can go on to have half the career that Randy Moss had. Even if he doesn't, that's one hell of a catch.

Honorable mention: science tricks, random cat video, NBA lockout humor. All of them a distant second.

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