Friday, December 30, 2011

Twitter update

Once again, your semi-regular update on what's going on over in the Twitterverse (@CrimsonCavalier).
  • Very well-articulated open letter to Jamie Dimon (and other clueless bankers who think we resent their "success"):
  • This is one of the ugliest shoes I've ever seen: I yearn for the days of the Jordan XI  
  • Fine art outperforms S&P 500: More evidence that the ranks of the super-rich are doing just fine in this economy.
  • An amusing breakdown of "kicking the can", with real-world examples: I love it.
  • Sigh... the top seven highest-grossing movies of 2011 were all sequels.  
  • @CrimsonCavalier Oh... the Jordan XIs are back... neat.
  • Hope all had a great Christmas. Now bring on 2012.  
  • Congrats to Drew Brees. Different game than when Marino played, but still impressive. But, Brees is only 5th in NFL in yards per attempt.
  • Check that, Brees is 6th in NFL in yards per pass attempt (Rodgers, Brady, Schaub, Eli, Carson Palmer)... First in attempts by a mile.
  • Wait, this is a parody, right? It has to be. Somebody please tell me it is. #munsonedouthereinthemiddleofnowhere 
  • A belated congrats to my dad for a very cool honor from the B.A.A.  
  • Wow... I did not know that Jim O'Brien was still coaching anywhere, let alone D-3 ball.  
  • Way to be, LAPD... Hundreds of wrongful imprisonments while all celebrities/Lohans get a free pass. You're doing great.
  • Celts played the Heat on TNT last night. I watched the Belk Bowl instead. I regret nothing. #nbaregularseasonsucks 
  • Corn ethanol subsidies lapse... that's good news. Need many more things like this to lapse.  
  • Please don't do this to me. I'm not ready for Brian Hoyer yet... thank God for the bye.
  • "Wrong turn" brings rare Asian bird to... southeast Tennessee? Well this is not a mundane detail, Michael!
  • Many people donating worthless homes to charity: I guess that's cool, but I can't help thinking about "muffin stumps".
  • These charts may have a partisan slant (if charts can do that), but they're still interesting, esp. on tax policy:
  • Amazing stat: RT @SI_PeterKing: Great note by @AdamSchefter: Bucs are 0-7 with Albert Haynesworth, Pats are 7-0 since waiving him.
Some pretty good little nuggets in there, in particular the open letter to Jamie Dimon and the tax policy charts. Have a Happy New Year, folks. Drive safely.

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