Thursday, December 15, 2011

Clip of the Week

When you don't post a Clip of the Week for a couple of weeks, you really do end up with quite a lot of material to work with. That doesn't mean I'll be skipping weeks more often in the future, but it does mean that I'll be giving you co-Clips of the Week this week (hooray!).

But first, the runners-up. From the sports world... the year of the wide receiver continues... and I can't believe I'm not giving this Clip of the Week honors, because this catch is insane. All hail Elvis Akpla! There was also a pretty crazy NFL catch, but that's nothing compared to what the college kids are doing these days.

Staying in the sports world, we had this great game-winning shootout goal from the Blackhawks' Patrick Kane, as well as this college hoops buzzer-beater that took down #1 Kentucky. And if you want to be infuriated, read about and watch this play, which drew a ridiculous penalty flag and cost a Massachusetts high school football team a championship--sportsmanship rules run amok.

Finally, we've got a great rant favoring the death of the penny, an impressive musical performance by the "Mad Violinist", and Jon Stewart doing his thing with respect to the War on Christmas.

And finally, we've got our co-Clips of the Week. First up, because this guy is awesome, a bearded dragon playing Ant Crusher (h/t @Killagroove).

And secondly, via Barry Ritholtz comes this mesmerizing pendulum wave machine. The patterns that this thing makes are crazy, and you all know by now that I'm a sucker for things that mesmerize me.

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