Thursday, December 29, 2011

Clip of the Week (New Year's Edition)

Let's send things into the new year with one last Clip of the Week, shall we?

It would probably be appropriate to end the Year of the Wide Receiver with one last ridiculous highlight, and the Bengals' Jerome Simpson definitely did plenty to earn a shout out here (even if he probably could've gotten to the endzone with a simple cutback). But I'm getting tired of these wideouts showing off, so I'm moving on... actually, I'm looking back.

No, I'm not looking back at one of the better defensive plays of the young college basketball season, or at a(nother) great clip from my favorite late-night host. Instead, I'm looking back at some of the better music from the past year, with an excellent year-in-review music mashup from over in YouTube land. This is pretty well done, so turn your volume up and enjoy some of the best tunes from 2011--because yes, Rebecca Black, there is still good music being produced out there.

Have a happy new year, people.

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