Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving Clip of the Week

Obviously posts have been thin this week, as I've been celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday and enjoying myself in these last few days before a crying baby arrives in my house and makes everything else seem a little less important.

I hope you all had a great holiday, and I hope you enjoy these clips. Actually, I hope you're nowhere near a computer and that you're enjoying being around family, hanging out, and watching football. But I digress.

In sports-related videos this week, we had another great play by a wide receiver, an awesome play by Rajon Rondo that almost made me miss the NBA, and then a great parody video that reminded me that I really don't care about the NBA at all and am in fact glad they gave me an excuse not to watch ever again.

Alllllrighty, moving on, we had an interesting clip from Steve Forbes on U.S. monetary policy (Forbes is incredibly intelligent and insightful, even if he bores me--and everyone--to tears), and a really cool video from the New York Times about "Umbrella Man" from the JFK assassination. I'd never heard of Umbrella Man, but his story is really thought-provoking and is also a cautionary tale to conspiracy theorists everywhere (a group that I readily admit to occasionally being in).

But I'm in the giving thanks mode this week, so I'm gonna go with something that's just really cool and makes you appreciate the world we live in a bit. So while I never say this, blow this video up to full screen HD, and have some fun with it. It's a year's worth of time-lapse videos of the sky, all synced up in one mesmerizing mosaic. Watching the sun gradually rise and set on the various seasons is a pretty cool experience that I enjoyed immensely. Go Hoos.

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