Thursday, November 17, 2011

Clip of the Week

Wow, where to start this week? Yet another loaded week for clips...

Let's start over in the world of sports, where wide receivers decided to have a little fun this week. First it was Arkansas receiver Jarius Wright with an insane catch in the college ranks, then Chiefs receiver Jon Baldwin decided to show Jarius up by letting him know how the pros do it (side note: why is it that the two best plays of the NFL season--this being the other--both got called back for questionable penalties?). And just to wrap things up, Bills receiver David Nelson decided to make us all feel a little awkward by sprinting down the sidelines to give his touchdown ball to his Cowboys cheerleader girlfriend.

From American football, we segue over to European "futbol" (but played in America) for this crazy goal from Portland Timbers midfielder Darlington Nagbe (it's old, but it's nuts). There's also this great buzzer-beater from the college basketball world, as well as this gentle reminder that Bruins defenseman Zdeno Chara is 12 feet tall.

But enough about sports. We're all about hardcore news here at the Cavalier (ha!), so let's send it over to the Daily Show for their take on the Penn State debacle and a hard-hitting exposé on the terrible plight of ugly people in our nation. There's also Funny or Die's excellent parody of Bank of America, which would be a lot funnier if it wasn't just a little bit too accurate.

Had enough yet? Well, I'm not done. This Christmas commercial may or may not have brought a tear to this future father's eye (even though it's not even Thanksgiving yet), and this stupid squirrel video may or may not have made me laugh to the point of crying. And this video almost made me miss living in New York--almost.

But despite all that good stuff, you all know that I'm a sucker for things that mesmerize me. And this week, nothing mesmerized me more than this really cool music video for the song "Against the Grain", by indie artist Hudson

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