Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Twitter update

Another update in what's going on over on Twitter (@CrimsonCavalier).
  • Belichick may be awful in press conferences, but he's great when he's breaking down X's & O's. He clearly enjoys this.
  • Well-earned takedown of Obama: Due process is not a quaint little idea, it's our nation's foundation. #lostfaithingov't 
  • Calvin & Hobbes for the Christmas win:
  • Love this: using Bieber as a torture technique. Whatever works...
  • I feel like this is unnecessary: If they're not close enough for pepper spray, they're probably not too dangerous.
  • CNBC's Brian Sullivan just called $RIMM "one of the greatest collapses in market history"--from $60 to $13 in under a year. Um, $NFLX??
  • What a fantastic concept: the "disloyalty card". I'm intrigued; at the very least, it's a really creative idea.
  • Soon, the entire United States will be owned by "eccentric billionaires" from China and Russia. #thanksFed 
  • 23&Me is at best a very strange phenomenon, and one that weirds me out more than a little bit. This only adds to that: .
  • Congrats to Harvard and UVA men's basketball teams, both ranked this week (in different polls)... never thought this day would come.
  • The culture that is Quebec: Quebec gov't wants Canadiens coach fired because he doesn't speak French.
  • Kim Jong is dead? I didn’t even know he was Il. #toosoon?
  • The end of e-mail? In a word, no. Not sure what's dumber, this article or those that proclaim the "death of the PC".
  • AT&T paying the biggest breakup fee ever Well played, T-Mobile...
  • The power of "I don't know": Admitting ignorance can make/save you a lot of $$$, but it won't get you airtime on CNBC.
  • I shake my head every time the "FedEx Express" truck drives by... the redundancy is delicious.
  • An interesting look behind the scenes at Amazon: "Confessions of an Amazon elf". Enjoy that Michael Buble CD, people...
  • Is this right? 1 in 3 Americans will be arrested by age 23: I assume many of these are low-level drug arrests...
  • Pretty interesting article from Grantland "The Rise of the NBA Nerd". Hip-hop/black culture has changed a lot in 20 yrs
  • A fascinating article on sad recent goings-on at my alma mater: Open the gates back up, Harvard. It's your duty.
  • Not sure how this compares to previous years, but it's still eye-opening Weather definitely seems more volatile lately.
  • Creepy: banks using social media to assess credit risks.  
  • Also creepy: Monsanto threatening public health (again)  
I'm always surprised when I post these Twitter updates to see how many tweets I've posted since the last update. If you're looking for just the best stuff, I'd recommend the last two tweets (the "creepy" tweets), as well as the "Amazon elf" article.

Oh, and the second tweet in the list, the takedown of Obama. The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) is an absolute travesty, and I think America has died a little bit (or a lot) with its passage. Our government simply is not on our side any more, regardless of what they say. This step by our government is terrifying, and the silence throughout the country in its wake might be even more terrifying.

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