Thursday, December 15, 2011

Twitter update

Oh, boy... looks like I haven't updated my non-Twitter followers on the goings-on over there (@CrimsonCavalier). I've been fairly busy on Twitter for the past week or so, but there's too many tweets to copy here all at once--I know you won't read them all if I do, because I wouldn't. So here's the recent "highlights" from TwitterLand.
  • This year's bowl swag for the "amateur" players. My favorite is the Idaho Potato Bowl--it's cold here boys, bundle up.
  • Cool piece on the impracticality of the cheeseburger. I love to complain about the modern world, but I do like burgers. 
  • #thismarketisbroken RT @zerohedge: Snapshot Of Pure Lunacy  
  • 75 years in prison for videotaping police? This raises some very serious civil liberty issues. Very serious.
  • Per Gallup, "the 1%" is remarkably similar in demographics to "the 99%". I'm not surprised.
  • Swedish firm sells insurance to subway turnstile-jumpers... I LOVE the concept, but I'm sure it'll get shut down soon.
  • Poland getting absolutely screwed by this Euro "agreement". It's okay, screwing Poland has never led to anything bad...
  • Holy crap... These receivers are just outdoing themselves this year. Remember this?
  • About those glowing early Black Friday sales "reports"... #dontbelievethehype 
  • Worth a read, regardless of your political affiliations or beliefs: "My Occupy LA Arrest", by Patrick Meighan.
  • Eric Cantor blocking legislation banning/limiting Congressional insider trading... of course he is. This guy is a joke.  
  • I love this concept: "The Banker's Dozen". I'm officially adopting this, and I intend to use it regularly.
  • More clueless bankers: Hungarian central banker gets clobbered on currency bet. But, but, but... my model says...
I particularly enjoyed reading Patrick Meighan's "My Occupy LA Arrest", and I thought the cheeseburger piece was incredibly well done (reminiscent of Thomas Thwaites' homemade toaster experiment). Always remember that as much as there may be wrong with today's world, we're also blessed with an incredible amount of conveniences that previous generations could never have imagined.

People can do a lot of awesome things, and the world is ultimately a really cool place--that's why we have to make sure we don't take it for granted.

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