Friday, December 2, 2011

Twitter update

Your latest episode of Twitter Digest, courtesy of @CrimsonCavalier...
  • Fed can't save the US job market, why do we think it can save the world? Capitalism died a little (more) this morning.  
  • Well said. RT @zerohedge: Here Is What Happened After The Last Global Coordinated Central Bank Intervention
  • $MS closes up over 10% on latest Fed rescue... since July 21, it's had 29 days of 5%+ moves, 7 days of 10%+... #thismarketisbroken
  • More interesting volatility stats from this increasingly manipulated market. #thanksFed 
  • "Hollywood accounting"--this is some seriously disgusting stuff. Thanks @killagroove for the heads-up.
  • "Genetically altered mosquito warriors"? This one has "unintended consequences" written allllll over it. #notthebees 
  • I like some aspects of this, but I'm sure Congress will screw it up and make it just another back-door bank bailout.  
  • Re: last tweet: I specifically like the idea of "crowd funding", but only for a legit small biz--not as a loophole for oh, say, Facebook.
  • Really great little article on comedy: Thought it was an interesting commentary on/ message to critics of all walks.
  • The German city of Koblenz will evacuate as bomb experts gingerly defuse a massive World War II bomb in the Rhine River  
  • Pretty cool new scaffolding concept: "Urban Umbrella" ... the Seinfeld "Urban Sombrero" reference is almost too obvious.
  • Most important part of today's jobs report: participation rate keeps declining. Fewer workers=lower tax base=larger deficits=more debt
  • Updated U.S. employment chart: always keep the big picture in mind. This is still not pretty. #seeyouin2016 
  • I would LOVE to know how these guys did in August: Article doesn't bother mentioning that 22% was "market perform"...
  • In the last year, the population rose by 1,726,000. Yet the labor force fell by 67,000. Those not in the labor force rose by 1,793,000.
  • Over the past year, avg hourly earnings of all employees have increased 1.8%. The consumer price index (CPI-U) is up 3.6%. #thanksFed 
  • I wish I could get paid to eat Skittles: In case anyone is wondering, I'm currently eating Bachman pretzels.
  • Someone tell Mayor Bloomberg that a police force isn't "an army". If that's an army, does that make citizens the enemy?
  • Subway now advertising $2 6-inch subs... at what point do we start asking, "what the hell kind of meat is that?" #soylentgreenispeople 
Have a good weekend, people. Don't do anything I wouldn't do...

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