Friday, November 4, 2011

Clip of the Week

It was a pretty slow week for clips, so I'll just take this opportunity to share some of the best recent work done by my favorite late night host, Conan O'Brien (I used to love Letterman but he's way past his prime, I've never liked Leno, Kimmel is increasingly solid but not my favorite, and Fallon is mediocre except for his hysterical musical skits--plus Conan's a Harvard guy so I've got a soft spot for him, especially since his awesome Class Day speech way back in 2000).

Now, I don't really watch the late night shows much any more, but Conan is clever and his skits are well-written--even if they're now buried on TBS instead of a major network. More importantly, his staff tends to do a great job with video editing, which generally makes his job a lot easier. Along those lines, he did a great job mocking Apple's Siri commercials with an ad of his own, and he also put together a hysterical video of him delivering Chinese food in New York City. But my personal favorite, and the best-edited video of the bunch, is this manufactured clip of Obama without his teleprompter. Good stuff. Go Conan.

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