Thursday, November 17, 2011

This guy is awesome

I want to eat this guy for Thanksgiving--I think I'd enjoy that much more than the usual turkey, especially now that I know that basically 100 percent of turkeys in this country are created through artificial insemination (who knew turkeys were sex-starved?).
An incredible electric-blue lobster has been saved from the dinner table after it was spotted at a fish market and rehomed.
The striking crustacean was found by stunned fishermen off the east coast of Scotland and displayed for sale at a fish market in London.
However, fishmonger Rex Goldsmith thought the stunning lobster was too nice to eat and bought it before handing it over to researchers at the Natural History Museum.
Scientists at the museum believe the European lobster, traditionally a much darker shade of blue, hatched out with the unusual colour due to a rare genetic variant.
Whatever the reason, this guy is seriously trippy. Apparently, when cooked, he turns red just like any other lobster--and, presumably, tastes delicious with a side of drawn butter.

[Daily Mail]

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