Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Twitter Summary, Day 1

I promised I'd occasionally re-post my Twitter posts up here on the main blog, and for those of you who aren't following me yet (@CrimsonCavalier), here's what you've been missing.
  • Dear NBA... It's not as easy as you think to get your fans back. Love, MLB & NHL. #collegehoopsisbetter
  • Price of T'giving dinner is up 13% over last year, largest increase in two decades. Thanks, Fed. #transitoryinflation 
  • Happy American Censorship Day! Important stuff if you agree with the U.N. that internet access is a human right.
  • Awesome, Mark Cuban rules. #figureitoutNBA RT @killagroove: #MarkCuban My Views on Corporate Taxes .
  • In golf, it's always all about Tiger... Can't wait for the Presidents Cup.
  • Always loved Drew Bledsoe, and I've gotta hand it to the man: he knows how to do retirement. Skiing, wine, why not?  
  • What a college football playoff would look like if we had one (we never will):  
Like I said, mostly quick hitters that didn't quite deserve their own blog post. If you read nothing else, read the Censorship Day link--it's the one thing that I probably could've turned into a full post, if I'd been in the ranting mood today.

So, follow me on Twitter. Or don't. I'll be posting either way...

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