Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Follow The Crimson Cavalier on Twitter

After much deliberation and internal debate (seriously, I avoided Twitter like the plague for a long, long time), I've decided to launch a Crimson Cavalier Twitter account (@CrimsonCavalier). There's a lot of stuff that I come across in my internet travels that isn't quite worthy of a full blog post--or that I can't totally devote the time to fleshing out into a full post--but that I still think is worth sharing. That's what I'll use Twitter for.

If you, like me, still harbor a deep resentment of Twitter and all that it represents, I'll occasionally post a summary of recent tweets here on the main blog so that you don't miss out. This new development shouldn't impact the frequency or content of my posts here, so have no fear--my Twitter will be a supplement, not a replacement.

So, follow me: @CrimsonCavalier. Should be great times. See you out there.

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