Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Everyone's so busy today rejoicing over the news that the Fed is saving the world (even though they couldn't save America) that they're conveniently overlooking the burgeoning sh*tshow over in Iran. As is often the case, I've got a nagging feeling that people are making a mistake by doing so, and that they'll regret it later.

Nevertheless, I thought I'd take the opportunity myself to do a little bit of digging and research about Iran, since I'll readily admit that I know little to nothing about Iran generally (except its politics), or Tehran specifically. But this is really cool-looking, and not at all what I expected.

It seems that Iran has a fairly vibrant skiing scene, which really doesn't jive with my preconceptions of the country. Shows what I know, huh?

(h/t Paul Kedrosky)

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