Thursday, November 10, 2011

Clip of the Week

Some weeks, I don't have much material to work with. Other weeks, like this one, I've almost got too much. It's a nice problem to have... and I don't even need to resort to sports highlights, either.

For those of you who identify with the Occupy Wall Street crowd (or who just really love Jimmy Stewart), you'll appreciate this video--even if you don't, it's probably still worth a view. Sticking with the financial/economic theme, there's also SNL's clever take on the European debt crisis, as well as Jon Stewart's amazing takedown of the recently-disgraced Jon Corzine (former head of Goldman Sachs, former governor of New Jersey, and now architect of America's latest financial firm collapse). The Corzine issue is really worth a longer post here, and I may act on that in the days to come (stay tuned).

In other news, Legos are cool, but drugs are bad. No, really, drugs are bad. If you haven't had enough of Halloween yet (it's Christmas season now!), this is a pretty clever Halloween costume to keep in mind for next year. And, as always, Mike Tyson cracks me up.

But while all of those clips were great, there's only one clip that made me shake my head and say "I could never do that... and even if I could, I still wouldn't". With that, I give you extreme surfer Garrett McNamara, attempting to set a world record for the highest wave ever surfed. If I walked down to the ocean and saw waves like that one, you can bet I'd be running the other way... I certainly wouldn't be grabbing a surfboard.

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