Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Twitter update

In case you're not following me over on Twitter (@CrimsonCavalier), here's what you've been missing. I haven't posted my tweets in a while, so there's a bunch of them...
  • Fantastic political cartoon: #supercommitteesforeveryone 
  • Has the U.S. gone British? Manufacturing jobs may never come back, regardless of our tough-guy stance against China.
  • The loss-leader model run amok: Why not give the turkeys away for free? Please, please buy my high-margin stuffing!
  • I must make this. And eat it all in one day.  
  • RT @pkedrosky: We need a word for people who can, by agreeing with you, make you wish you held a different opinion.
  • Oh, Groupon... Well, at least your stock's killing it, right? #shouldasoldtogoogle 
  • Dear NYC: this is a horrible idea. Learn from Dubai--if it can't work there, it won't work here.  
  • Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving... enjoy a nice slice of cherpumple to wash things down:  
  • A little overwrought, but a pretty interesting summary of how a pencil gets made... there's a lot going on there.  
  • Checking out for the weekend... Go Hoos, beat the Hokies. #badweektobeaturkey 
  • Careful with the Black Friday "statistics"... these aren't exactly statistically rigorous studies. #letsmakeupnumbers 
  • Even if I was excited about the BCS Title Game (I'm not), it's not played for weeks. If the Super Bowl was in mid-March, would anyone watch?
  • Harvard 27th in latest AP basketball poll... #soclosebutyetsofar 
  • Pumpkin mac & cheese is delicious... I highly suggest you try making it. I'm considering adding it to the Thanksgiving repertoire next year.
  • Moronic: Tebow for MVP? Please. He's been worse statistically than Kyle Orton. It's the D, stupid.
  • To those who still treat Hank Paulson like a hero: he was and is a thief and a fraud, and history will prove as much.  
  • Speaking of frauds, go get 'em Urban Meyer. You and Ohio State deserve each other. You're still a bad guy, man.  
  • Can't wait to see what a post-Chapt 11 American Airlines will look like. I expect more fees--can you say pay toilets?  
  • College students focus anger on Wall Street recruiting: If nobody else is hiring, it won't matter... #followthemoney 
  • Guns don't kill people, stupid people kill people. Arizona, you amaze me.  
I'd pay particular attention to the Hank Paulson piece (link here)--that guy's a fraud, and it kills me that some people still defend him. I'd also highly recommend the piece on the British manufacturing industry (link here) and the quick article about Groupon (link here), whose stock is tanking with good reason.

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