Thursday, October 6, 2011

Clip of the Week

Some fun stuff this week, especially if you're into sports and cars. As far as sports go, this is a ridiculous goal (there's seemingly always at least one awesome soccer goal every week), and this is one of the more bizarre baseball plays I've ever seen (presented in gif form, for your enjoyment). Then there's also this video of a high school kicker booting a 64-year field goal with room to spare--yeah, it's in Nevada, and yeah, it looks at least 10% like it could be a viral video setup job, but it's still impressive to watch.

But I'm not feeling sports this week. I considered going the car route with this cool 11-car drag race with some of the world's fastest sports cars, and I definitely recommend watching it if you're into cars. But I'm all for mesmerizing videos, and I've rarely been more mesmerized than I was by this stupid video of a Slinky, shot with a slo-mo camera.

It's crazy to see that thing just hovering there in mid-air, seemingly ignoring the laws of physics. I feel like a little kid again, entertained by the simple pleasures of a Slinky. Yeah, I'm easily amused.

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