Thursday, August 4, 2011

Clip of the Week

My apologies for the lack of posting today... things got a little busy at the office.

Skipping right past the usual banter, we all know it's Clip of the Week time, but the pickings were a little slim this week. I was a huge fan of this clip from the Jimmy Fallon show (special hat-tip to Brian Williams, who I didn't realize had a sense of humor), and it very nearly took home Clip of the Week honors for its sheer idiocy.

But when there's a clip that I can't stop watching (it usually happens in the world of sports), it's usually a fair bet that it's going to be my Clip of the Week. And while this video of Orlando Magic coach Stan Van Gundy showing off his basketball skills did fit that bill, it's not this week's winner.

Instead, our winner comes from an exhibition soccer game between Mexican club Chivas (de Guadalajara) and world power Barcelona. Chivas pulled off the stunning 4-1 upset, thanks in no small part to this amazing goal from Marco Fabian, which proved to be the game-winner. Impressive stuff.

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