Thursday, October 27, 2011

More Fairfax

A couple of days ago I used an example from Fairfax, Virginia to help prove a point about the dangers of over-regulation. But maybe I was wrong. Maybe people in Fairfax, Virginia just suck. To wit...
A dispute between neighbors in Fairfax County over that perennial suburban pet peeve — unscooped dog poop — has grown so big that the case is set to go to a jury Tuesday.
A dog walker invested $1,200 in her defense, and a supposed eyewitness will testify. A photo of the offending pile will be admitted as evidence.
The fluffy 19-pound Westie-bichon frise mix will stay home.
The case is just one flash point in an increasingly sophisticated, expensive and acrimonious battle over dog waste in the Washington suburbs and beyond. Two Northern Virginia apartment complexes have signed on for PooPrints, a service that collects DNA samples from pooches, taking a “CSI”-style approach to find the culprits of unclaimed messes...
[Complainant Virginia] Cornell, who works in the legal profession, said she took a photo of the waste that she plans to submit as evidence at trial, along with testimony from the police officer who took the complaint.
“She was letting the dog poop on purpose because she knew it annoyed us,” Cornell said, referring to herself and a sister who lives with her. “This individual has no respect or regard for anyone else and views herself as above the law.” 
You people are morons. Stop wasting our courts' time with this crap (pun intended). DNA samples from piles of dog excrement? That's what we've come to? Seriously, get this thing out of our courts and figure it out yourselves. I'm tired of this, and we've got bigger things to worry about up there in the D.C. area right now. I love Virginia, but there are days where I really wish I could disown Northern Virginia. Today is most certainly one of those days.

[Washington Post]

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