Thursday, October 6, 2011

Google is nuts, Part II

If I'm right in asserting that everything Google does is in the name of data collection, I'm not sure I even want to know what they've got planned with this one.
Google’s first attempt at brewing has resulted in a beer that taps ingredients from all across the globe. They teamed up with Delaware craft brewery Dogfish Head to make “URKontinent,” a Belgian Dubbel style beer with flavors from five different continents.
If you aren’t familiar with Dogfish Head, they are a great brewery that makes kickass beer. They started small, but have grown to be one of the top craft breweries around. Their motto is “off-centered ales for off-centered people,” and they don’t disappoint. Their beers, especially their line of IPAs, are some of the best around.
For URKontinent, various Google employees joined the project basically to coordinate and organize the information gathering. Those ideas were then fed to the brewers at Dogfish Head.
Google grabbed beer ideas from their offices all across the globe, and they also received input from the rest of the online community. The project coordinators used tools like Google moderator to get suggestions and feedback from Googlers across the world.
For what it's worth, I love Dogfish Head beers, and the most likely explanation here is that this was just a bunch of bored beer-loving Googlers in search of a fun project. But maybe, just maybe, Google's up to something here...


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