Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Quote of the Week

Whoops. I didn't post anything for Quote of the Week yesterday. As often seems to be the case, it's actually a good thing, because I didn't hear the Quote of the Week until last night.

I'm pretty much constantly watching sports on TV, and I'm just about as constantly complaining about the (low) quality of the color commentators, especially those who used to be athletes. It generally doesn't seem like they do even a little bit of research before covering the games they cover (if they did, they might actually be able to properly pronounce the names of the guys on the field--seems basic, but it's often not), and their insight in general is typically... weak.

There are of course plenty of exceptions to this rule, but it's much easier for me to bring up a list of commentators I dislike than one of commentators that I actually like. Keep in mind that I'm not talking about play-by-play guys, where there's actually still a lot of talent, but color guys, which have gotten worse by the year. But throughout the years, there's always been one guy who's stood out above all the rest... and been unquestionably the worst color commentator in the world for over a decade.

Tim McCarver, how do you still have a job?


"That swing is like syrup."
                - Tim McCarver, on Texas Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton

What the hell? What does that mean? It goes great on pancakes and waffles? It's... kinda slow-moving and sticky? It's part of a balanced breakfast? I... meh. Whatever. Go Tigers... I think.

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