Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Quote of the Week

It isn't often the case, but this week we've got a loaded field for Quote of the Week. We had a fun fact about Greece as well as a random but interesting quote about government policy-making. I also came across an excellent quote from Karl Marx (yes, that Karl Marx) and another great rant from Ozzie Guillen, who cracks me up.

But today's Quote of the Week comes from the campus of Stanford University (and its football team), as relayed by Sports Illustrated's Andy Staples.


"Thanks to an anonymous donor, Stanford's Offensive Coordinator position will now be known as the Andrew Luck Directorship of Offense."
                                                     - Andy Staples, Sports Illustrated

That is excellent, and appropriately nerdy for Stanford. I wish Luck well in the NFL, if only because I would love for him to outplay Peyton Manning, whom I've always disliked. I'd also love for this trend to catch on, if only because I'd love to see Baylor hire the "Robert Griffin III Director of Defensive Indifference".


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