Thursday, May 31, 2012

Clip of the Week

Good solid week for clips this week. This guy swimming with a polar bear was pretty cool, and this celebrity illusion really messed with my head.

And since it's time for college baseball's postseason, we've got a few good clips coming from that world as well--like Vanderbilt's triple steal, which I've never seen before, and this absurd game-saving catch.

Also, I learned this week that the cat video meme dates back to the days of Edison, and that Tom Brady is hysterical. But this week's winner is a clip of something that I not only haven't seen before, but didn't even think was possible--Cincinnati Reds rookie Todd Frazier hit a home run on a play where he actually threw the bat at the ball. At the point of impact, Frazier isn't holding the bat at all. That's... amazing.

For this feat of oddly superhuman strength, Todd Frazier is the winner of this week's Clip of the Week.


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