Thursday, May 3, 2012

Clip of the Week

I'm working on a couple of other posts that I should hopefully have ready for tomorrow (another flurry of posts to send you into the weekend, one of which concerns the shocking and tragic news about Junior Seau from yesterday), but until then, it's Clip of the Week time.

The NBA Playoffs are underway, which... yeah, I'm really having a hard time caring about, especially since Derrick Rose got hurt. Stuff like this from LeBron James makes me care even less, although I do get a kick out of Rajon Rondo (at least when he's not trying to fight refs).

Luckily, basketball isn't the only sport in town... we've got soccer, which produced yet another ridiculous goal, and also an awesome tennis/soccer hybrid that unfortunately only exists in the imaginary world of Nike advertising. We've also got baseball... which... well... sometimes umpires get things wrong.

This polar bear is happy to provide your weekly animal-related clip, and Barry Ritholtz shares yet another brilliant Jon Stewart takedown of political hypocrisy. You'll find this video entertaining if you're into economics or you're otherwise a nerd (which you're probably not, so I don't know why I'm posting it), and this time-lapse of a young girl growing up from newborn to 12 years old is mesmerizing, especially for the father of a newborn (and rapidly growing) daughter. Which I am, and you're probably not.

Alright, whatever. Those last two videos may not have been relevant to all of you, but this week's Clip of the Week certainly will be. It will also make you never want to step onto an airplane again. You're welcome.

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