Friday, September 7, 2012

Song of the Week(end)

I've been having a little fun with the Cowboy lately because of his apparent and recent obsession with country music. I didn't realize Chicago was south of the Mason-Dixon line, but hey who am I to judge? I guess he's just growing into that "Cowboy" moniker, slowly but surely. Good for him.

Hey, speaking of the South, this time of year down in Virginia, it's football season, it's starting to cool off a bit, jeans and hoodies start to make their way out of the closet, and country music just sorta starts to feel... right. Not all country music, mind you... stuff like this is still hokey and terrible, no matter where you're living and what season it is. But I can handle a little Jason Aldean every now and again, so that's your Song of the Week(end).

Have a good weekend, all you Northern aggressors out there...

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