Friday, September 28, 2012

Clip of the Week

Time for the weekend, and another quick flurry of posts before we head out the door (or stay in to watch the Ryder Cup). First up is the Clip of the Week, where we've got a few decent contenders.

As election season wears on, and my phone rings a million times a day because I'm in a swing state, I got a kick out of this Simpsons clip (nice satirical summary of the Presidential choices) and this Stephen Colbert clip on Romney's struggling poll numbers.

As far as animal videos go, this was the only thing I saw this week worth sharing, but it's a doozy. And then Jimmy Fallon did another one of those things he loves doing, which is honestly about the only thing he's good at.

Then there's sports, where we had this absolutely ridiculous catch by the Pirates' Travis Snider, which probably should've won your Clip of the Week. But we'll hold off on the baseball until October, and for now we'll give this week's honor to the (now defunct) replacement refs, via this fantastic montage of some of their best work.

Nice knowing you guys. Enjoy life back on the high school football fields. And now the rest of us can get back to doing what we normally do—complaining about the usual refs and pretending that we care about concussions.

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