Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Clip of [Last] Week

Alright, we're back at it here after a couple-day unplanned hiatus from the blog (I had family in town, so I ranted and raved to them in person instead of on the blog... so be it). I've got at least 3 blog posts coming your way this afternoon, starting with last week's Clip of the Week, which never got posted.

As you all know by now, I harbor some pretty negative feelings toward Apple and their iPhone—I think they've transitioned from being an ingenious and admirable company to being an evil genius company, and there's an important difference between the two. Given that backdrop, I got a huge kick out of these two iPhone-related clips, the first from Jimmy Kimmel (awesome) and the second courtesy of Barry Ritholtz (also awesome, in a different way).

It was also another week in which sports were played, so we got this and this from the college football ranks and this goal from a one-legged soccer player.

If you're familiar with the work of the rapper DMX... just... watch this, I guess. And if you want to see a fun visualization of what contagion looks like (and how stable systems can quickly become very unstable), watch this little experiment.

But this week's spot is reserved for the recognition of Steve Sabol, the President of NFL Films, who died last week after a long illness. NFL Films was a huge part of my childhood, back when VHS tapes were a thing and YouTube (and the internet) hadn't yet been invented. I had tons of NFL Films videos at home, and I would watch the same ones over and over again. They were that good. Frankly, Steve Sabol's work is a big reason that the NFL is so popular today, and of course the league is now throwing up all over itself in the wake of Steve's death. Solid work, Commissioner.

At any rate, I love sports, I love NFL Films, and I love profanity, so this clip here is the perfect way to honor Steve Sabol's memory. R.I.P.

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