Friday, April 13, 2012

Quote of the Week

Oh, hi there. Haven't seen you guys in a while. My apologies for my unplanned one-week hiatus. I'll just blame things on tax season (doing business taxes sucks) and then we'll get back to business as usual. Sound good? Alright, cool.

I've actually had a good amount of material to post up here, but I just haven't gotten around to writing about it all. The good news is, that probably means a few good posts up here in the next couple of weeks. It also means I'm about to send you folks into the weekend with a flurry of posts, just the way you like it.

First up is your Quote of the Week. Originally, I'd planned to pass along President Obama's "warning" to the Supreme Court, in which he once again showed his utter disregard for the Constitution and its ingenious system of checks and balances. (Incidentally, I highly suggest that you read the linked article from Mish Shedlock--it includes a great overview of Obamacare that I think should be required reading). But I didn't feel like ending my one-week hiatus on a bitter note, with rants about Presidential duties and political this-and-that. It's all just so... tiresome.

So while I may get back to that topic at some point in the future, for today I'm sticking to happier things. Things like this ridiculous free-kick goal from Cristiano Ronaldo against Atletico Madrid, and Ray Hudson's absolutely amazing call of it. After referring to the goal (he calls it a "wunderstrike") as "a wet dream of orgasmic proportions", he follows up with one of my favorite lines in sports announcing history, one that might as well have been ripped out of a Kanye West song. Al Michaels, eat your heart out.


"This has got more curves to it than Jessica Rabbit on steroids."
                            - Ray Hudson, GOL TV commentator

Yes it does, Ray. Yes it does.

(h/t Deadspin)

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