Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Quote of the Week

For this week's Quote of the Week, I initially wanted to go with this relatively benign quote about India, which taught me that I'd probably go crazy within about 2 hours of setting foot in Mumbai--it seems that Indian drivers so zealously use their car horns that German carmaker Audi has to make special horns for the cars they sell in that country. Given how insanely angry I used to get at the unnecessary horn usage in Manhattan (mostly by cabbies, many of whom are incidentally from that same corner of the world), I'd probably go completely postal in Mumbai. I... hate... excessive honking.

But that's maybe a little too personal of a quote--perhaps you readers don't harbor the same vitriolic disdain for horn-honking that I do. So I decided to go in a different direction, and give the honor to an extra-special quote about the culture in Spain, a country that seems poised to join the ranks of Greece and Italy in "oh crap, we're screwed" territory. From the Daily Mail...


"Spain's high-class escorts are refusing to have sex with the nation's bankers - until they open up credit lines to cash-strapped families and firms. Madrid's top-end prostitutes say their indefinite strike will continue until bank employees 'fulfill their responsibility to society' and start offering bigger loans for struggling Spaniards, it has been claimed. Sneaky bankers were trying to circumvent the protest by claiming to be architects or engineers, the sex-workers said."
                      - Lee Moran, Daily Mail

Yeah... sounds like things are really going great over there, huh? And clearly, more debt is always the solution to a crisis that was caused by too much debt. Right.

On the plus side, you've gotta give the hookers points for creativity. Ultimately their ultimatum likely won't matter, because they probably need the money more than the bankers need dirty extra-marital sex, but maybe I'm wrong. Either way, these are some seriously interesting times that we live in...

[Daily Mail]

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