Thursday, April 26, 2012

(Belated) Quote of the Week

Yeah, I know, I've been slipping lately. I've been busy with work (for once), and I haven't paid full attention to the blog lately. So be it, I promise I'll make it up to you (seriously, I've got a ton of backed-up material that I've been itching to write about, but haven't gotten around to yet... stick around). Your Quote of the Week this week comes from the Chicago Tribune's Rex Huppke, who penned a clever obituary for "Facts".

The ostensible topic/target of Huppke's column was Florida Rep. Allen West, who recently made waves by claiming that at least 80 House Democrats were, in fact, Communists. Glorious. But obviously, Huppke is just picking up on a trend that's been going on for years now, which I've talked about here before a million times (come to think of it, it's basically my favorite topic). Simply put, honesty and integrity are in short supply these days in politics and journalism, and it's now reaching ridiculous levels (as Stephen Colbert so brilliantly points out in this video).

Get ready for more, because it's an election year, and campaign season is upon us. Remember, 96% of statistics are misleading and made up on the spot. Approximately.


"To the shock of most sentient beings, Facts died Wednesday, April 18, after a long battle for relevancy with the 24-hour news cycle, blogs and the Internet... Facts is survived by two brothers, Rumor and Innuendo, and a sister, Emphatic Assertion. Services are alleged to be private. In lieu of flowers, the family requests that mourners make a donation to their favorite super PAC."

                        - Rex Huppke, Chicago Tribune

I highly recommend you read the entire "obituary". It's good stuff.

[Chicago Tribune]

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