Thursday, April 26, 2012

Clip of the Week

A few decent things this week. As usual, we've got our full complement of sports highlights, including this slick play by the Blue Jays' Kelly Johnson (nice uniforms, by the way... very Dave Stieb-esque) and this absolutely absurd basketball shot from overseas. Also, Kevin Garnett is an odd dude and the Marlins are a trainwreck.

Then, for those of you who believe that Tupac is still alive, you're absolutely right--vindication is sweet. And if you're into the animal-themed clips, seals are cool and this woman spent way too much time training her cat to do stupid tricks.

But I'm going in a different direction with this week's Clip of the Week. Barry Ritholtz tipped me off to this trailer for "Jerusalem", an upcoming IMAX movie that looks absolutely fascinating. When most of us think about Israel and the Middle East, we likely think about a region that is wrought with turmoil, terrorism, and political instability. But there's a reason that people fight so fiercely over (relatively small) territories in that area of the world, and this amazing trailer shows at least some of those reasons. I thought the trailer was both fascinating and beautiful, and I look forward to seeing the whole IMAX production. Enjoy.

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