Monday, April 16, 2012

Clip of the Week

I inadvertently put a premature end to the pre-weekend "flurry of posts", so we'll pick up where we left off on this lovely Marathon Monday. First up, it's (last week's) Clip of the Week.

There was a lot of material from the Masters last weekend--this hole-in-one and this hole-in-one were cool, I guess... but they weren't even the best shots hit that day, since this double eagle was cooler, but even that guy couldn't win the tournament because this guy hit this shot which apparently did something like this. Good talk.

If you're into movies or Hitchcock or Jimmy Stewart, or movies by Hitchcock starring Jimmy Stewart, then you'll probably get a kick out of this cool time-lapse video compilation of scenes from "Rear Window". I thought it was an incredibly impressive piece of work, and it almost won this week's top honor.

So did this inspirational ad/video for Nike's "Make It Count" campaign and this cool look at how a plane gets built (and painted, which apparently takes even longer than the construction).

But there was only one video this week that really stuck with me, and it was this video of an old man in a nursing home who is basically brought back to life simply by listening to some music from his era. It's an amazing statement about the power of music, and it was wild to watch (even if it's a bit longer than the usual Clip of the Week fare).

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