Thursday, March 22, 2012

Clip of the Week

I'm working on a couple of posts for tomorrow (one in which I debunk some more dubious math and another in which I engage in some dubious data wrangling myself), which I may or may not have ready for the blog in time for the weekend. For now, you can all enjoy the best clips the internet has to offer--since I missed last week's post, this week has plenty of material.

Since it's March, that means March Madness, which means we've got plenty of basketball videos. Even though the first weekend of the NCAA tourney was a little light on "did you see that?" highlights, you should still watch this dunk (from the SEC tourney) and this awesome reaction video after Norfolk State's upset win over Missouri (which is almost as awesome as the Landon Donovan reaction videos from the last World Cup, but not quite).

The NBA also decided to get into the act (yeah, I know, nobody cares) with this Rajon Rondo pass and this absurd Gerald Green dunk (your move, Blake Griffin).

Over in the world of economics and politics, we have this fantastic rant from British politician Nigel Farage about the current state of the European economy (certainly not his first great rant, but one of his best) as well as this terrific TED talk about the absurdity of "copyright math" (more to come on this topic very soon).

Other random yet awesome video clips include Kevin Spacey's amazing impressions, an incredibly well-done compilation of all the seismic activity in the world in 2011 (be sure to check the Fukushima earthquake at the 1:50 mark, which makes our little earthquake at the 4:35 mark seem agonizingly pathetic and insignificant), and a rendition of Adele's "Rollin' in the Deep", played on a traditional Chinese instrument, because why not?

But as you already know by now, none of these clips are your Clip of the Week. So without further ado, and with apologies to South Park's amazing take on the global gold cycle, I'm going to continue in my recent string of animal-related videos by presenting you with Klepto Kitty, a real-life cat burglar. My cat is nowhere near as cool as this guy. Enjoy (fast-forward to the 1:20 mark if you're too impatient to watch the whole thing).

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