Thursday, March 29, 2012

Clip of the Week

Ohhhh, decisions, decisions... we've got all sorts of options for Clip of the Week this week, just the way I always like it.

In the world of sports, we've got this awesome dunk from the NCAA tourney, this amazing goal from the English Premier League, and this ridiculous full-court shot by Marcus Camby (which of course didn't count, much like this play and this play).

You also know how much I love animal videos, and this week I came across this video of the "mimic octopus" (quite possibly the world's coolest creature), this video of a cat getting loose at a basketball game, and this awesome trailer/ad for the Boston Bruins, featuring their bear mascot (who is awesome, and featured in my favorite ad of all time).

Also, this can't really be categorized, but this video cracked me up (really, Dad, you're not gonna help the kid out, just gonna focus on filming and wait for him to face plant? Good call...).

But ultimately, I had to give this week's honor to Batman, because his back story was too good to pass up. So for this week's clip, I give you Batman, just chilling in his Lambo on a Maryland highway.

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