Thursday, March 1, 2012

Clip of the Week

Big week for video clips. If you're into soccer, I recommend Cristiano Ronaldo's goal (I don't like the guy, but damn he's good), the referees' blown call against AC Milan, and Clint Dempsey's goal that sealed the USMNT's first ever win over Italy, on their turf no less (congrats to all).

If you'd rather go the animal route this week instead, I present to you this adorable video of a baby fennec fox. I have no idea what a fennec fox is, but I now desperately want one in my house. I'm sure my cat would be thrilled, especially on the heels of the small human that we recently introduced into his environment.

Next, if you want to be reminded of your vast insignificance in the context of the universe, while also being reminded of how much stuff there is in the world that you've never heard of (and hey, who doesn't, right?), then this video is definitely for you. Or you could just appreciate the simple beauty of nature (and art) by allowing yourself to be mesmerized by this video for a few minutes.

But obviously, none of these are your Clip of the Week. This week, I'm presenting all you athletes out there with a reminder that no matter how athletic you think you are, once were, or some day could be, there's always somebody who's more athletic than you and can do things you'd never dreamed of (yes, even you, Dorn). So here's retired high jumper Stefan Holm, jumping over things that I'd be happy to do pull-ups on.

No, it's not anything new (it's from 6 years ago), but I just saw it for the first time today and then decided to quit sports forever. Because that's not fair.

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