Friday, March 9, 2012

Song of the Week(end)

I could've gone a couple directions with this week's Song of the Week(end). I thought about posting Bruce Springsteen's new "Death to My Hometown" song, which has an incredibly catchy Celtic-inspired back beat and has been in my head all week long. (Side note, I watched this performance of his on Jimmy Fallon... and the guy is sounding more like Tom Waits by the day. Kinda strange.)

I also thought about being the world's biggest nerd (which, realistically, is more a state of being than a state of action... you know what, nevermind...) by honoring my alma mater's long-awaited Ivy League basketball title-- and the NCAA tourney berth that it brings--with a little Ten Thousand Men of Harvard. But... no.

The Red Cowboy also came through with a late entry to the show, with Will Ferrell's "Yo No Se". Awesome. But it's March 9th, and 15 years ago today the music world lost its second star in six months, when Biggie Smalls was murdered. So we'll honor the big man here with not one but two of my favorite Biggie songs (yeah, I couldn't choose). Have a good weekend, people. Don't buy any Greek bonds.

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