Thursday, January 19, 2012

Clip of the Week

Okay, Clip of the Week time...

Even though I really want to post video of Tom Brady's ridiculous night against the Broncos, I'm going to pass on that. I'm also going to pass on going the ESPN "Not Top 10" route by posting this not-quite-goal from U.S. national soccer team player Robbie Findley.

That's because Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert were on fire (again) this week, checking in with a couple of wildly entertaining segments. The two teamed up to do a fantastic bit of satire in this bit (while also shining light on a horrifically broken political fund-raising system), and I highly recommend watching it.

But I thought Stewart saved his best work for this clip, and therefore it's our Clip of the Week. Ever want to know how your iPhone comes into existence? Jon Stewart lets you know...

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I've been on record here before saying that our "currency manipulator" tough talk with respect to China is misguided, and I stand by that. We'd be much better served if we cast our attention in the direction of worker rights, which has absolutely nothing to do with the relative value of the dollar against the yuan.

I don't believe that unfair labor practices in China are the only reason that we've lost our manufacturing base--I believe that our monetary and fiscal policy have played a giant role as well--but I do believe that they exist and that they are important to address. We shouldn't tolerate this kind of crap just so that we can have fun toys to play with (no matter how much we may have loved Steve Jobs). Bravo to Stewart for doing such a great job on this topic.

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