Thursday, January 12, 2012

Twitter highlights

I haven't updated the recent goings-on over on Twitter (@CrimsonCavalier) lately, so here's a quick batch of highlights from the first couple of weeks of 2012.

I left out a bunch of sports-related posts (there's been a lot, what with the NFL Playoffs and the college football bowl games going on), but I left in the posts about Steelers coach Mike Tomlin, because I really do admire his difficult decision on Ryan Clark, which ultimately (arguably) cost his team a playoff win.
  • It says a lot about America that we can rise up to kill a $2 fee (), but not an assault on our basic rights (NDAA).
  • This also says a lot about America--not sure this time if it's good or bad. Jon Stewart's ratings win...
  • Not a Steelers fan by any means, but I give Mike Tomlin huge credit for making a controversial (but correct) choice.  
  • Disgusting. RT @killagroove: #Paypal orders the destruction of $2500 Violin because they are giant colossal douches  
  • Congratulations to Mittens Romney on his slim Iowa victory last night.  
  • Strangest Xmas season ever: retailers cut prices to below break-even , and everyone bought guns:  
  • Congressional scrutiny on ratings agencies re. MF Global probably unrelated to that li'l downgrade back in Aug, right?  
  • Now that I know that she's not going to further destroy my country, I am really going to miss Michele Bachmann  
  • Now THIS... is a creepy headline: You win, China. You win.
  • It's January 6th, it's 67 degrees outside, and ski resorts are closing all over the place. This is all totally normal.
  • Germans... crack me up every time.  
  • 10 completions for 316 yards, no way that happens if @RealRClark25 is out there. So, props to Mike Tomlin for the difficult decision.
  • This is possibly the saddest thing I've ever seen... Tragic that these clowns are the best we can come up with.
  • I've had my share of Mountain Dew over the years, and... gross.  
  • Siri doubles iPhone data usage rates. That's pretty untenable. Way too much data usage for a specious benefit.
  • Bahahahaha... Nerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrds!!
  • Andrew Napolitano kills it on TDS: If Ron Paul is "Libertarian", then I don't know what "Conservatism" is anymore.
  • Seems like everyone's passing this around, so sure, I'll bite: Mafia is now Italy's largest bank. Appropriate, really.
  • Each day, there's more rejection of the established two parties: Paul should follow suit and reject the GOP, run Indep.
You might be noticing that I'm posting more and more about Ron Paul lately. That's no accident. I support his candidacy unabashedly as a rejection of the two parties as they currently exist. Whether or not he can win, I think his (remarkably consistent) views raise an important counterpoint to the parties (and the politics) that have devastated our nation over the past three decades.

A vote for Romney or a vote for Obama are realistically no different, as they both support a continuation of the two-party politics as they currently exist. A vote for Ron Paul is something else entirely. And that's what we really need now, more than anything--something else.

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