Monday, January 23, 2012

Forgotten weather tricks

I've written here before about the hidden dangers of technology--namely, that by becoming too dependent on our Googles and smart phones and Wikipedias, we can leave ourselves quite vulnerable when we become separated from those conveniences. If we were stranded on a desert island (or if, you know, there was a power outage or something...), would we be able to figure out how to survive anymore?

This dynamic was also discussed in greater depth here (an interesting piece that's worth a read), and I was reminded of it when Barry Ritholtz posted this infographic earlier today. Weather is one thing that I absolutely rely on the internet for--I check the weather every morning first thing on my phone, and I consistently rely on it to make my daily plans (especially my running schedule). I've never heard of most of these tricks (watching birds, the color of the moon, smelling plants), but they're pretty fascinating. Maybe I should print this one out--you know, in case the power goes out and I end up needing it.

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