Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Quote of the Week

Well, a busy day at work yesterday meant that my long weekend away from the blog was extended by a day, and for that I apologize. But in a sense it's a good thing, because it wasn't until this morning that I came across the perfect candidate for this week's Quote of the Week.

Thanks to Jon Stewart for inviting former Louisiana Governor Buddy Roemer onto his show to discuss his bid for the presidency (bet you didn't know he was running... imagine that). That gave Roemer the platform he needed to launch an epic anti-corporate rant that would make Matt Taibbi and Eric Schneiderman proud.

Of course, as Stewart pointed out, Roemer's view isn't likely to gain any real traction given the current state of affairs in American politics, but it's still nice to see somebody out there calling a spade a spade.


"You can't tackle the jobs problem, the budget problem, the tax problem, or America rising without tackling the first problem, money in politics... Corporations have never made more money than they are right now, they wrote the tax code, and they really don't give a damn about the rest of America."
                          - Republican Presidential candidate Buddy Roemer

(h/t Barry Ritholtz)

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