Friday, September 30, 2011

Clip of the Week

Alright. Yeah, I haven't been writing much this week, since I'm still trying to process exactly what happened on Wednesday night. But the good news is, there was a whole lot to choose from this week for Clip of the Week (unlike last week, which I tried to rectify).

I initially wanted to give Clip of the Week to this Mariano Rivera clip, where he shows how his first baseball glove was made out of a cardboard box. Despite his playing for the Yankees, I respect and admire Mariano. Like many other Dominican ballplayers, he came from almost literally nothing and therefore has a terrific attitude about the game. His utter lack of a sense of entitlement is refreshing, and it comes across in every interview that he conducts (like this one, which is a personal favorite). He truly seems to appreciate how lucky he is to get paid his huge salary to do what he does, and I wish there were more athletes like him. BUT... I'm still pissed at the Yankees for lying down against the Rays this week, and therefore there will be no celebration of Mariano in this space.

Other candidates included this compilation of bugs from the soon-to-be-released FIFA '12 soccer video game, this crazy soccer goal, this impressive Rube Goldberg machine car commercial (and this making-of video) that I somehow missed a couple years ago, and this singing routine by Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane (he has a surprisingly impressive voice, and he's apparently a recording artist now... who knew?).

But the most mesmerizing clip I watched all week was definitely this dubstep dance performance, to go along with a remixed version of Foster the People's "Pumped Up Kicks". I can't move like that.

(h/t The Feed)

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