Thursday, August 18, 2011

Clip of the Week

I was really tempted to just go ahead and post the beluga whale up here again, if only because the market's melting down again and he just looks so damned happy. But predictability's no fun, so I passed on that idea and then considered posting video of the Red Sox' turning of a triple play against the Rays earlier this week (because those don't come along very often), but the Sox ended up losing that game and that makes it less cool--at least from my perspective.

So, no beluga whales, no baseball clips, what have we got left? Well, in my Michele Bachmann rant earlier, I promised you all more Ron Paul, so here you have it. Despite nearly winning the Iowa straw poll last week, Paul can't seem to get any love from the mainstream media, despite the fact that he has consistently stood for the very libertarian principles that the Tea Party claims to care about (as opposed to what they actually vote for, which is a different story).

No, people would rather cover the ranting sound bites of Bachmann and Sarah Palin than talk about old Ron Paul, a dynamic that's covered at length over at the Big Picture blog (yes, I'm outsourcing that rant to somebody else--I've done enough here for one day). And Jon Stewart, for one, thinks it's a little silly. Have at it, Jon.

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