Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Celebrating a birthday in style

Well, folks, it's time to celebrate a very important birthday. No, not my birthday--that was last week, and so far I'm taking my 30s in stride. You see, today, we celebrate the first birthday of The Crimson Cavalier. Yes, one year ago we started this thing with one innocent post, and now look what we've created.

We've had nearly 500 posts here (468 to be exact), we've had about 16,000 total pageviews, and somehow we're all still standing. My most commonly viewed post (by far) is this one on the unintended consequences of globalization, a topic I've tackled often here. My most commonly considered topics (based on the tags I place on them)? Sports, politics, finance, humor, and debt, in that order. In other words, all over the place.

Hey, speaking of all over the place, let's do a word cloud, because why not?

I hope you've all enjoyed the first year of business here at the Crimson Cavalier. Here's hoping it's just the first of many.

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