Saturday, July 14, 2012

Song of the Week(end)

This week's song is inspired by this video, which I talked about in Clip of the Week but you might have missed. Check it out if you get the chance—it's definitely worth your time. At any rate, one of the 100 guitar riffs that our man plays is from Santana's "Black Magic Woman". I've always been a huge Santana fan, and Carlos is fantastic in concert—in fact, I've been to more Santana concerts than any other artist besides DMB, including one concert that featured them both (and The Roots... great show).

So this week I'm going to give some love to Santana, with a version of "Oye Como Va" (performed live, because that's the best way to hear it). Have a good weekend, people. Enjoy your Bastille Day.

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