Thursday, July 12, 2012

Clip of the Week

We had some pretty decent stuff to work with this week, none of which came from the MLB All-Star Game (or the unfortunately just-as-dull Home Run Derby). We did, however, have an emotional speech from Andy Murray after his loss to Roger Federer in the Wimbledon final—it brought my wife to tears, with good reason. It's always tough to watch a guy's dream get dashed, even if he did walk away from the experience with a pretty sweet paycheck.

Staying in the world of sports, I also saw something out of an MLB umpiring crew that I thought I'd never see, as well as something that was more along the lines of what I've come to expect. And if you're looking to get excited about the upcoming Olympics, check out this clever series of animated athlete bios from Duck Studios.

A lot of people wanted me to check out this guy's conversation with his 12-year-old self, and I have to admit that it was strangely intriguing. I was also impressed by this guy's one-take performance of 100 great rock-and-roll guitar riffs, which may or may not have sent me off on a spree of music downloading.

Finally, if you're not sick of "Call Me Maybe" yet, you should probably check out this take on it from Sesame Street. But you probably are sick of it, in which case the only reason to watch it is if you share my love of Cookie Monster.

But after all that, this week's Clip of the Week goes to Detroit journalist Charlie LeDuff, whose "golfing the length of Detroit" news segment was one of the more oddly compelling bits of video that I've watched in a while. I think the plight of Detroit has been fascinating to watch (from afar), and I think that all of us in America are doing ourselves a disservice by ignoring the city's struggles (and lessons).

Watch this, and draw whatever conclusions you will.

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