Thursday, July 19, 2012

Clip of the Week

No posts for a couple days—sorry, been busy with work. But it's Clip of the Week time, and you know this is one place where I never disappoint (if only because we all need some entertainment).

This is an amazing catch by a Phillies minor leaguer—I've seriously watched that video 100 times and I'm still not sure what happened. He might have cheated, I can't be sure. Also, Jay Cutler is Mr. Enthusiasm at Wrigley Field. And Germans amuse me.

This video of a shark stealing a lady's fish was pretty fantastic... hey, speaking of fishing, maybe she should head on down to my neck of the woods and check out the Master Bait Shop. They've got the fattest worm in town, you know. Well played, central Virginia, making me proud.

But this week's top honor comes to you all courtesy of the Red Cowboy. This one made me crack up laughing, because I'm a simple-minded idiot. I give you... men throwing rocks with the other hand.

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