Thursday, June 28, 2012

Santelli on Obamacare

I'm going to mostly avoid the discussion on today's Supreme Court ruling regarding the Affordable Care Act,  primarily because the issue has become so politically charged that I believe honest and respectful discourse is essentially impossible right now.

To summarize my own beliefs (which are admittedly based upon partial information, because full information has been hard to come by when it comes to this bear of a law), I think that the law as written is destined to fail regardless of its constitutionality, simply because it fails to address any of the root causes behind ever-increasing healthcare costs--if anything, it perpetuates and expands them. I appreciate the attempt to try to help, but I think the government's mostly-good intentions will go horrifically unrewarded here. Ironically, I think that's actually a good thing long term, because I think that it will eventually force a more complete overhaul of the system, rather than a simple tweaking of it (which is what I believe Obamacare to be). A complete overhaul is necessary, so anything that brings us closer to it is a good thing.

As for today's decision, the best response I've seen yet comes from CNBC's Rick Santelli. I missed watching this live, because I was over on CNN watching that network throw up all over itself by screwing up the scoop --another tough day for a struggling media outlet, although Fox News made the same mistake--but I'm glad my friends at ZeroHedge gave me the heads up. As usual, Santelli has a pretty interesting take on things, and I think he's dead on.


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