Friday, January 11, 2013

Clip of the Week

Okay, Clip of the Week time, let's get right to it.

First, an update on a past Clip of the Week. About a month ago, I shared the Mine Kafon video with you all, which I thought was incredibly cool. Now, the Mine Kafon project is on Kickstarter, looking to get funding to make the thing a reality (by the way, more than 10% of films at Sundance this year were funded on Kickstarter, which is just crazy... Kickstarter is doing big things). They've already more than met their £100,000 goal with 5 days still remaining, but you can always donate some more to the cause, and get some cool perks for your trouble.

Plugs aside, we had some decent clips this week, coming at you from all sorts of weird places. One of those weird places is Sugarbush Resort in Vermont, where a moose got loose and chased around some skiers, while some other skiers (okay, boarders) stood around and gawked at it. Another of those weird places is a music studio populated by weird humanoid robots playing Motorhead. Number 5 is alive!!

We also had Alabama QB A.J. McCarron, not exactly responding well to the news that his girlfriend had become a Twitter celebrity during the national championship game, and that she was now being followed by LeBron James. Finally, some fun with word images, passed along by Barry Ritholtz. That one probably deserves more of an explanation than that, but just watch it, okay?

But the weirdest place of all was the PDC World Darts Championship in England, where one guy put on a ridiculous performance in a game of "501". The fact that his opponent was apparently drunk and/or blind is somewhat irrelevant, because that is some awesome darts work by my man (too bad he lost in the finals). At any rate, Michael van Gerwen is your Clip of the Week this week, because bar games are awesome.

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