Friday, January 18, 2013

Clip of the Week

It's time for this week's Clip of the Week. I wanted to share this little montage of Tom Brady and Ray Lewis from last year's AFC Championship Game, but I figured I'd hold off until after Sunday's rematch, just in case...

Besides, there's plenty of other stuff to choose from this week, so there's no need to go that far back into the YouTube archives. In the sports world, we've got this new ad for Nike golf, combining Tiger Woods with Rory McIlroy. Unfortunately for Nike, their two big stars both missed the cut this week in Abu Dhabi, so... yeah. Good marketing. Also in sports, Kevin Durant is good, and this shot from Ole Miss guard Marshall Henderson is incredible.

Then we've got a few animal videos, like these ducks taking their first swim ever, these dogs interrupting a soccer game, and these dolphins attempting to take over the world (wait, what?). And finally, we've got another excellent parody video from The Onion, this time taking on Facebook. Or maybe Twitter. Or Instagram. Hell, I don't know, it's about social media business or something.

Anyway, your Clip of the Week is still football-related, and still involves Tom Brady, because I feel like it has to. From the guys at Bad Lip Reading, who killed it with Mitt Romney a while back, this is Bad Lip Reading, the NFL version. Enjoy, and go Pats.

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