Friday, December 7, 2012

Clip of the Week

Just like last week, Barry Ritholtz shared a few good links this week, including this guy and these guys, all of whom are completely insane in every sense of the word and make me wish I was doing more with my life. There's also this amusing clip entitled "Gay Women Will Marry Your Boyfriends" and this clip of cheetahs running in slow motion, which is always awesome.

There wasn't much notable in sports this week, except for this amazing play by Nebraska QB Taylor Martinez and the annual Teddy Bear Toss at a Canadian minor league hockey game, which cracks me up every time (pity the poor intern who has to count, catalog, and then box up those bears before donating them).

In other random videos, this doberman loves the water slide, Jon Stewart skewers Fox News' annual "War on Christmas" theme, Jimmy Kimmel continues to prey on human stupidity, this pop music mashup is incredibly well done, dogs can drive cars now, and these guys did a great job of satirizing Instagram, with a Nickelback twist (h/t Killagroove on that last one).

Also brought to my attention by Killagroove was this week's champ, this Vimeo clip about the "Mine Kafon", a creative and very cool solution to mine clearance in Afghanistan. It's a novel way to solve a pretty messed up problem, and I salute this guy for doing it (and the filmmaker, Callum Cooper, for documenting it).

Mine Kafon | Callum Cooper from Focus Forward Films on Vimeo.

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